December 1, 2021

Andrew Rosindale, MP, Proposes British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories have equal treatment as part of wide British family

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Leading Conservative MP calls for key changes in British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories’ relationships with the UK government Andrew Rosindell, MP, says it is time that all British Territories are treated as being equal partners in the British family. He has argued for all Territories to be dealt with by one UK government Minister, […]

Anti-Corruption Summit: IFC Forum calls for shareholder data to be effectively verified

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The IFC Forum welcomes the Anti-Corruption Summit’s commitment to improving the accuracy of beneficial ownership information available to tax and law enforcement authorities. Data verification is required to effectively combat crime and corruption. For over a decade the British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories have collected information on the ultimate beneficial owners of local companies […]

The fight against money laundering and tax evasion must be truly international, argues the IFC Forum

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The publication of the Panama Papers has raised serious questions about global compliance with international regulatory standards, and it is apparent that some jurisdictions have fallen markedly behind in the global efforts to combat money laundering and tax evasion. By contrast, the Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies, being British international financial centres (British IFCs), […]