November 28, 2021

Gallup: Economic confidence surges after Trump beats Hillary for White House

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By F McGuire From Newsmax Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index soared 13 points last week to turn positive for the first time since March 2015 in the wake of Donald Trump’s White House victory. Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index moved from a slightly negative evaluation (-10) to a slightly positive one (+3). The index had been consistently […]

Employees at the world’s biggest hedge fund spend a couple hours every week studying each other’s meetings

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By Richard Feloni From Business Insider Every week, employees at the world’s largest hedge fund spend at least an hour with “management principles training” lessons (MPTs), where they analyze recordings of meetings and answer questions about what they observed. Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio implemented this process around 10 years ago as a way to further […]