May 14, 2021

The Amazon fires aren’t a natural disaster. ‘Bolsonaro has created the perfect conditions for this perfect storm,’ one researcher said

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By Aylin Woodward From Business Insider So far this year, Brazil has experienced more than 84,000 fires— more than double the 2018 total of 40,000. Some 20,000 of these fires started in the past few weeks, many of them in the Brazilian Amazon. Most of the blazes were set deliberately — and illegally — by farmers and loggers to […]

An Amazon jaguar was shot dead after a Rio Olympic torch ceremony

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By Stephen Eisenhammer, Reuters From Business Insider A jaguar featured at an Olympic torch ceremony was shot dead by a soldier shortly after the event in the Brazilian Amazon city of Manaus as the animal escaped from its handlers, an army statement said. The jaguar was killed Monday at a zoo attached to a military […]