December 3, 2022

Hormone test can predict unhealthy aging

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A hormone found in the blood that’s commonly linked to heart disease also might signal when someone is more likely to grow weaker or lose their ability to balance before they’re 70. People in their early 60s with higher-than-normal levels of brain natriuretic peptide, or BNP, walked slower and were less able to raise themselves […]

BNP Paribas will not leave the Cayman Islands

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By GJEP staff From Global Justice Ecology Project Let’s take over the BNP headquarters! BNP Paribas will not leave the Cayman Islands: on December 3rd, we are taking over the BNP headquarters! On Monday, November 23, a group of “chair stealers” (1) was received by representatives of the executive management of Groupe BNP Paribas (2). […]