December 3, 2021

Celebrate Cayman Islands Summer Festival this Week

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Kick off the summer by celebrating Cayman. This Saturday, 23 June, all are invited to attend the Celebrate Cayman Summer Festival. The event kicks off at 4.00 PM and runs through midnight. A major highlight of the celebration will be the bright and colourful fireworks display and live musical performances from local acts including the […]

Cayman Islands Blood Bank partnering to save lives

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The Cayman Islands Blood Bank is seeking more opportunities and partnerships that will spread awareness of the importance of blood donation and increase the number of registered donors to achieve its goal of 500 new donors by the end of 2017. It is already on track towards this objective having hosted four blood drives that […]

Health Minister Bodden’s Message on World Blood Donor Day

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Tomorrow marks the 11th annual World Blood Donor Day, a very important date in the healthcare calendar because the act of giving blood literally means giving the gift of life. In fact, just a single unit of blood can save up to three people’s lives. This year’s theme, spearheaded by the World Health Organisation, is […]