December 3, 2021

Are cigarette warnings that show actual harm more effective at getting people to quit?

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By Mary Beth Quirk From Consumerist Imagine you’re holding a package of cigarettes you’re thinking about buying. Which would encourage you to quit: a label with a written warning, or a label with a photo of a throat cancer patient and former smoker who’s had a larygnectomy? According to a new study, labels with photos […]

[5 out of] 10 things e-cigarettes won’t tell you

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By Jen Wieczner From marketwatch They may be safer, but they also threaten to upend decades of anti-smoking efforts “We’re Big Tobacco in disguise.” When electronic cigarettes first debuted in the U.S. about five years ago, they seemed like a threat to the old-fashioned cigarette industry. The battery-powered devices, which turn nicotine-laced liquid into vapor, […]