May 21, 2022

An explosion from a Hawaii volcano sent a ‘lava bomb’ through the roof of a tourist boat, injuring 23 passengers

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By Jeremy Berke, Associated Press, From Business Insider Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is continuing to erupt. An explosion sent a lava bomb through the roof of a tourist boat on Monday, injuring 23 people. One passenger suffered a broken femur, while the others suffered superficial injuries, according to authorities. Hawaii officials say an explosion from the […]

3 hurricanes from space

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This is what three hurricanes look like from space BY MIRIAM KRAMER A new video from NASA shows all three powerful hurricanes currently churning waters on Earth as seen by the International Space Station in one day. Two hurricanes in the Pacific — Madeline and Lester — have the potential to threaten Hawaii, and Hurricane […]

Scientists confirm largest single volcano on Earth

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By LARRY O’HANLON for Discovery News From Mashable The largest volcano on Earth is not in Hawaii, but hidden beneath the western Pacific Ocean and covers an area the size of New Mexico, scientists have announced. The vast lump of lava is called the Tamu Massif and lies about 1,000 miles east of Japan. It is […]