April 11, 2021

Death in Paradise: Kris Marshall shows promise as he replaces Ben Miller in the Caribbean crime drama

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From Unreality PrimeTime SPOILER WARNING: A lot of the plot is revealed in this article As the weather starts to deteriorate outside and the cold, dark nights drag on the majority of us are looking for a little bit of sunshine in our lives. Thankfully, BBC One have come to our aid with the third […]

“Death in Paradise” nearly was Death in Paradise!

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From London24 The Duck House star Ben Miller tells of Caribbean near-death experience Death In Paradise leading man Ben Miller, who also appears in the new West End production The Duck House, has spoken of how he almost drowned when he arrived in the Caribbean to film the popular crime drama. Miller, 47, who plays […]

Danny John-Jules: Ben Miller helped me improve in “Death in Paradise”

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From The List Danny John-Jules felt he needed to improve on ‘Death in Paradise’ after watching Ben Miller. The ‘Red Dwarf’ actor plays Dwayne Myers, one of a group of British policeman on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint-Marie, in the BBC One comedy-drama and admits he felt he should up his game after watching […]