March 30, 2023

Carnival Cruise extends nude boat ‘Bare Necessities’ tour to two-weeks

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By kalyan Kumar From IB Times There is great cruise news, coinciding National Nude of July 14. The Big Nude Boat 2021 of Carnival Cruise will be expanding the span of its nude cruise to full two weeks offering more fun in the waters of the Caribbean. For nudists, this is certainly a bonanza and a […]

Big nude boat set sail Sunday from Tampa on Caribbean cruise

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By Wendy Anders From The Costa Rica Star Hate to pack? A nude cruise might be for you. The Bare Necessities 2017 Big Nude Boat, equipped to hold up to 3,000 passengers set sail from Tampa Harbor February 5 with four gorgeous stops in the Caribbean. Director of Bare Necessities, Nancy Tiemann, says that on […]