October 17, 2021

Blogging from the Cayman Islands, amazing results, and Banana Republic clinics

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By Chris Centeno From Regenexx Once every 4 months, I travel down to our licensed, Grand Cayman advanced stem cell practice site. Today I saw a patient with amazing results in her hip. I also communicated with a patient who was confused as how to measure the quality of a stem cell procedure. That launched […]

US Outlet Stores may not be what you think they are

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By Laura Northrup From Consumerist Old-school outlet shopping involved visiting clothing factory towns and digging through bins of slightly irregular underpants in a rough store space that was sometimes just off the factory floor. Today, outlet stores are nicely designed stores in special malls and in regular malls alike, thousands of miles away from where […]

Affluent shoppers are abandoning traditional retailers β€” and now cheap fast fashion is taking over

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By Mallory Schlossberg From Business Insider Fast fashion has become popular largely because of its signature cheap prices. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M churn out affordable runway knockoffs, which are particularly appealing to cash-strapped teens. But now Refinery 29 is reporting that these retailers are abandoning the very thing that made them so successful: […]