October 1, 2022

Bahamians shine at Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival

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From South Florida Caribbean News THE BAHAMAS – Cat Island-born artist Ancient Man wowed the crowd at Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival with a spirited performance. His gangly and somewhat awkward dance moves endeared him to the spectators. Andros native Elon Moxey’s melodic voice soothed the crowd, while D-Mac amped up the crowd during an electrifying performance […]

Junkanoo Carnival

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Dance to the music of the Junkanoo Carnival From Nassau Paradise Island One of the highlights of the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival is the music! Top Bahamian and international musical acts will be playing during the carnival, May 5-7 in Nassau. All day long (and well into the night), the air will be filled with the […]

Benje scores again! Masqueraders band theme song!

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St. Lucia’s Soca Sensation Benje who is based in The Bahamas has released another track in his arsenal for Carnival 2016, this time for the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Season in The Bahamas. Masqueraders’ is a track specifically released for the band Bahamas Masqueraders for their portrayal for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival in May of 2016. Produced […]