February 27, 2021

Temple Beth Shalom in Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

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From BestTours.com http://ift.tt/2r8UnkW Temple Beth Shalom. You might not expect to find a synagogue in the Cayman Islands, where the population is almost exclusively Protestant. Yet nestled amidst the lovely gardens behind the Mango Manor inn is one of the smallest and most charming Jewish temples around. The Jewish population of Cayman Brac is comprised […]

ancient Native American GPS

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These strangely bent trees were ancient Native American GPS By Rain Noe From Core 77 19th-Century shipwrights could be forgiven for assuming they were for boat timbers Remember the “Crooked Forest” mystery we showed you earlier? Here’s a photo: To refresh your memory, this pine grove in Poland contained a high number of these remarkably-shaped […]

Mountain on Fire: Flaming rocks of Chimaera, Turkey

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By Stephanie Valera weather.com The small town of Olympos in Turkey is known for its treehouse hotels, picturesque Mediterranean beaches and ancient Lycian ruins. But another attraction is making this secluded area a tourist “hot spot” — literally. In the heart of the Olympos National Park, Mount Chimaera has literally burned for thousands of years. […]