December 2, 2023

Our food system is the bullseye for solving the world’s climate challenges

By Reynard Loki Author Bio: Reynard Loki is a co-founder of the Observatory, where he is the environment and animal rights editor. He is also a writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute, where he serves as the editor and chief correspondent for Earth | Food | Life. He previously served as the environment, food, […]

How to fix our food system

Earth | Food | Life explores the critical and often interconnected issues facing the climate/environment, food/agriculture and animal/nature rights. E | F | L champions action—how people can help put society on an ethical path of sustainability that respects the rights of all species who call this planet home.

Wildfires aren’t just a threat to people—they’re killing off Earth’s biodiversity

Cataclysmic wildfires have increased in intensity and frequency due to climate change.

Karen Davis: The Problem With ‘Humanely Raised’ poultry and eggs

Chicken producers are misleading consumers with misinformation. By Karen Davis Karen Davis Author Bio: Karen Davis, Ph.D., is the president and founder of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl including a sanctuary for chickens in Virginia. Davis is an award-winning animal rights activist and the author of numerous books, including a children’s book […]

 Siri Lindley: Most Americans oppose killing horses for food—Here’s how to end this brutal practice

Tens of thousands of American horses are slaughtered every year due to a loophole in federal policy. By Siri Lindley Author Bio: Siri Lindley is a co-founder of Horses In Our Hands, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the slaughter of America’s horses. Lindley is also a world-champion triathlete, coach, author, and keynote speaker. Source: Independent Media Institute Credit […]

The World’s Coffee Shops Have Emerged as Plant Milk’s Front Line

Milk made from plants is entering the public consciousness (and stomachs) in coffee shops across the globe. By Mikhala Kaseweter From: Independent Media Institute While plant-based milk has been around for centuries, the market is undergoing a modern-day surge. The industry has soared to a market value of $20 billion. Consumers in all age brackets are contributing, but the […]

The Meat Industry has created a false Dichotomy that pits people against animals

Factory farms are harmful to animals, the environment, local communities, and public health. We need a more logical and just food system. By Vicky Bond Author Bio: Vicky Bond is a veterinary surgeon, animal welfare scientist, and the president of The Humane League. Credit Line: This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, […]

Across Africa, water conflict threatens security, health, and the environment

By Robin Scher Source: Independent Media Institute This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. Water is a finite resource on our planet. We can only rely on what we have, which translates to about 2.5 percent of drinkable fresh water. Of that amount, only 0.4 […]

The aerodynamics of velvet: What owls can teach humans

Owl physiology can help advance technology to address noise pollution—and maybe even help the deaf hear. By Jackie Higgins / Independent Media Institute To the ancient Greeks, the owl symbolized wisdom, but the Romans saw it as an evil omen. Their myths tell of an owl-like strix that stalked the night and preyed on human flesh. Ovid’s […]

Why are wild horses brutally uprooted from public lands while private livestock can stay?

The Bureau of Land Management is misleading the American people about the nation’s wild horses and burros. By Ginger Fedak / Independent Media Institute Every year, thousands of wild horses and burros are chased by helicopters and ripped from their native land in terrifyingly brutal, and often deadly, roundups. After capture, they are corralled in […]