December 2, 2023

Complaint against  Langston Richard McKenzie Sibblies

Peter Polack

EU Today Russian Prisoners of War: Angola, Afghanistan, Ukraine

The early Russian support of the now continuous MPLA government during the Angolan Civil War in the seventies moved from logistical support to strategy to battlefield leadership in 1987, writes Peter Polack. The subsequent misconceived, Soviet advised, attack across the Lomba River towards the UNITA stronghold town of Mavinga in south-eastern Angola and the disastrous […]

Cayman Islands author writes Jamaica, the Land of Film

“Jamaica, the Land of Film” By Peter Polack If Jamaica were an actor she would have appeared in more than one hundred and forty-one films. The list of movies where the name Jamaica plays a prominent part is probably closer to two hundred. This book chronicles over one hundred years of international film making in […]