December 7, 2023

How did a dead humpback whale end up in the Amazon Rainforest?

By Laura Goldman From Care2 When they followed vultures into the rainforest on Marajó Island in Brazil,near the mouth of the Amazon River officials with the state health, sanitation and environment department made a surprising discovery. The birds were feeding on the carcass of a 10-ton, 26-foot-long humpback whale calf. The calf, about a year old, was […]

How the Amazon River may make hurricanes more deadly

By Kimberly Miller From Palm beach Post A University of Miami study found that fresh water plumes dumped into the Caribbean Sea may be helping hurricanes intensify rapidly along a path often taken by tropical cyclones, including October’s Hurricane Matthew. This brackish sluice over the saltier sea — like oil on water — may be […]

Surprise! Scientists discover coral reef at mouth of Amazon River

By Christina Beck From The Christian Science Monitor Scientists have discovered a coral reef in the muddy, sediment-filled waters at the mouth of the Amazon River. Scientists have made a discovery that even they can’t believe: a coral reef in the muddy waters at the mouth of the Amazon River. And it is thriving. The […]