November 24, 2020

The thirstiest moments of 2019 (so far)

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By Jess Joho From Mashable Thirst is universal. While not always sexy, feeling parched for love and attention is part of what makes us human. So we at Mashable have helpfully gathered a comprehensive list of the absolute thirstiest moments of 2019 so far. Whether they left us sweaty and cringing or dripping and lusty, […]

Woman can make her massive dog instantly less intimidating and it involves menswear

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BY APRIL HAUTEA From Mashable People who love and care for what others consider “scary dogs” know the struggles of having a misunderstood canine bestie. It stings a bit when people pull away from a dog that you know to be lovable and gentle. A redditor named tricksy_trixie posted a photograph of her sister’s adorable […]

Cayman Islands police failures over material evidence halts trial

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During the trial of Fernando Mendes, accused of stealing US$132,807.43 from Finab Ltd., where he had been managing director, his Defence Counsel Ben Tonner made a submission that the Court should stop the prosecution of this case on the grounds that, to allow the trial to continue would be an Abuse of the Court’s Process. […]