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Sustainable finance and infrastructure investment for islands around the world

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The world’s energy and climate future increasingly hinges on decisions made in emerging and developing economies. Sustainable finance and infrastructure investment play a critical role in accelerating the transition to a green energy and low carbon future for all. During one of last year’s Island Finance Forum sessions, leading experts discussed how to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources and other green infrastructure for islands. A topic more than ever relevant today. Watch or re-watch IFF2022 session: It’s Not Easy Being Green: Islands And Financing The Green Energy Transition.
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Join us at this year’s Island Finance Forum! The event will brings together financiers, development partners and regulators to share and exchange expertise on sustainable and inclusive financial structures in global island communities.
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Move your startup to Malta! 

Malta Startup Residence Programme

Are you a non-EU entrepreneur with a highly innovative startup interested in relocating to one of the EU’s strongest economies? This opportunity is made for you! 

We are excited to announce that we are hosting a webinar specifically designed for startups like yours, on February 22nd at 08:30 EST | 09:30 AST | 14:30 CET. Move your startup to Malta! The Malta Startup Residence Programme Webinar! A 3+5 year residency programme where non-EU entrepreneurs have the opportunity to grow their innovative startups from a stable jurisdiction in one of the EU’s fastest-growing economies.
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The webinar will provide startups with valuable insights into the programme such as:

  • Detailed information about the Maltese startup ecosystem and funding opportunities.
  • Eligibility criteria and requirements of the  Programme
  • Life in Malta
  • The experience of an expat entrepreneur in Malta

We believe that this webinar will provide unique insights into the opportunities Malta and this Startup Programme can offer non-EU entrepreneurs.

This week’s highlights

Faroe Islands ‘Preservolution’ Strategy Prioritizes Sustainability, Engages Local Residents

For the fifth year in a row, voluntourists will spend three days participating in maintenance projects as part of the Visit Faroe Islands (VFI) sustainable tourism strategy. 

In exchange for free accommodation, food and transport, the 100 members of this Maintenance Crew will put in manual labor, helping locals with tasks such as repairing paths, replacing wayfinding posts, installing information signs, and building benches and steps.
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Maldives is turning to digital innovations to tackle climate change

Gathering data on the ecosystems of the Maldives, a large and dispersed island nation, is a challenge.   

To effectively monitor and manage these ecosystems, the use of digital technologies such as remote sensing, automated vehicles, and artificial intelligence may be indispensable. 

It will also be necessary to move from one-time data collection efforts to continuous, locally led programs in order to maximize the value and usefulness of the data.
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