July 16, 2020

Suspicious incident – Airport Post Office – substance removed – PO now open


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Airport Post Office resumed normal operations as of 1pm today (Friday, 26 April).

Following an incident Cayman Islands Postal Service closed the Airport Post Office and activated its Hazard Management Plan which called for Emergency personnel from Police,
Fire Service and the Department of Environment to respond.

The matter is now under Police investigation.

Further update:

Airport post office is now open.

While the Airport Post Office has reopened Customs Department remains closed. This means that customers will NOT be able to collect parcels that require duty to be accessed or payment of duty until tomorrow (27).

UPDATE: 13:26PM 26th April 2013

A suspicious substance, which was found within a mail bag at the Airport Post Office earlier today, has been removed from the location and will be tested by the DEH.

About 11.40am staff from the Post Office reported finding a suspicious substance within a mail bag at the location. Emergency services attended the scene and, in line with normal protocols, staff members were evacuated and the premises closed until an assessment could take place.

The substance has been removed for testing. The mail bag, and the letters and packages contained within it, have been quarantined. In addition, staff members were decontaminated at the scene. No-one was injured and there was no requirement for anyone to attend hospital.

The Post Office should reopen for business shortly.

Enquiries into the incident continue.


First Release 12:35 PM 26th April 2013

About 11.40am today (Fri April 26) police received a report that envelopes with what was described as ‘suspicious content’ had been received at the Airport Post Office in Dorcy Drive, George Town.

Emergency personnel from the police, fire service and the DOE are in attendance at the location.

The Post Office has been evacuated and closed to the public until further notice to allow an assessment of the situation to take place.

A further update will be provided in due course.


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