October 30, 2020



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Helen (Merren), Joan (Wilson) and their father Major Rodriguez “Roddy” Watler

What a surprise it was for Helen Merren on Sunday 2nd October.

The surprise potluck luncheon was a put on by Mrs. Merren’s past Sunday school scholars and friends in honour of her dedication to them and Elmslie United Church over the past 60 years.

It really was a real surprise as Mrs. Merren will tell you that she knew there was going to be a potluck luncheon but she didn’t know it was anything to do with her husband Dr. Edlin Merren was feeling somewhat better when the church service ended and she was able to leave the hospital to attend the luncheon (which she didn’t know anything about it being in her honour).

Following greetings by Pretty Little Miss Madda and the singing of happy birthday, we were all seated, followed by Rev. Hazel blessing the food. We were ready to be treated to a scrumptious meal. I mean the church hall was packed to capacity and the food (Oh) the food was delicious.

You name it and you could get a full plate there so tasty and so well seasoned. Custard top cornbread to go with all the conch stew, stewed chicken, beef, ham, plantain, potato salad, roast beef and it was just as good as when I used to do my roast dinners- (past history).

Dessert was anything you can think about, – heavy cakes, upside down pineapple cake, other light cakes, apple pie and custard, ice-cream etc. I mean we pigged out on every bit of what I have mentioned.

Then the children paid tribute to Mrs. Merren (Helen) in verse and song and I must say they did a very good job. The Church Hall was packed to capacity. “May God’s Blessings surround you each day” was then sung by us all.

After the tributes Mrs. Merren humbly spoke of her service to the church and what a pleasure she has had over the years in supporting the church in any way she possibly could, and will continue as long as the good Lord will give her the strength to do so. Dr. Edlin Merren was 80 years in July and Mrs. Merren was 80 on the 27th September. “Father I place into your hands my friends and family” was then sung by us all. God has been good to them. They have a beautiful family, lots of grandchildren and anything they can do to make life happy for others they will do it.

Special thanks to Janet Macmillan for arranging the potluck lunch, (Janet you did an excellent job) and for all the other helpers who are always so willing and happy to do an excellent job. -thanks  to you all. Pastor John Macmillan did the closing prayer.

So from all of Elmslie and the whole Island we wish for both you and Dr. Merren all God’s richest blessings in all your services to the church, community and friends.

We also wish for Dr. Merren full recovery from your illness. – God Bless.

What a beautiful picture taken when the Government Hospital was first opened.

Joan (your baby sister)

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