September 23, 2021

Surinamese energy champion Albert Ramdin joins global campaign to help heads of state go solar

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Ambassador Albert Ramchand Ramdin has joined the Solar Head of State Advisory Board to offer his experience in the global campaign to proliferate the use of solar energy. Ambassador Ramdin is a Surinamese diplomat who served for 10 years as the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), the premier regional forum for multilateral decision-making in the Western Hemisphere. Today, his years of experience will prove to be of great value in his new role as advisor to non-profit Solar Head of State, which seeks to promote the use of solar technology around the globe by offering well designed, professionally installed solar systems for the residences of heads of state or government.

Increased use of renewable energy will ultimately lead to a sizeable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. For many nations, solar energy is a tool for both climate change adaptation and mitigation and reducing economic dependency on imported fossil fuels. Curtailing these imports also reduces the risks of spillages and runoff damaging fragile terrestrial and coral reef ecosystems. Solar Head of State works with governments to install solar panels on iconic national buildings, aiming to initiate and showcase the potential for wide-scale adoption of new solutions for 100% renewable energy.

Initially executing projects in small states despite abundant sunshine, Solar Head of State, with the help of Ambassador Ramchand, aims to widen their reach to other states, establishing commitments from governments for better renewable energy policies while educating the public and private sectors of the tangible benefits of solar power. Partnering with governments and local contractors to bring solar technology to these states, and developing training programs to enhance local knowledge of renewable energy, SHOS aims to not only provide the technology, but build a community of governments, businesses, and NGO’s.

Albert’s wide-ranging experience in international affairs and sustainable economic development will be a valuable asset to the team, and we look forward to working with him to promote leadership in solar energy.


IMAGE: Ambassador Albert Ramchand Ramdin

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