September 30, 2020

Summary of Cayman Islands Government’s Achievements


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As listed in Four Year Report “Delivering on our Promises”


• Successfully completed a 3 year plan to restore Government’s finances
• Grew Government surplus over four years to a total of $414M
• Reduced Government debt by $123M
• Set aside some $15M for future debt repayment
• Overdraft of $866K at the end of June 2013 was repaid and not used since
• Saved $6.2M by re-negotiating lower interest rates on Gov’t loans
• Restored General Reserves by $53M to $97M as of February 2017
• Reduced import duty to licensed traders from 22% to 20%
• Increased retirement age for civil servants
• Addressed pay stagnation for long-serving public servants
• Provided civil servants with a 4% salary increase, thus restoring the 3.2% taken from them in 2010
• Provided public servants with a bonus pay of 2.5% in June 2014 and 2.2% in June 2016
• Provided public servants with bonus payments
• Took steps to protect consumers by helping lower price of fuel
• Employment among Caymanians best in 10 years
• Encouraged suitable development projects to create jobs and grow the economy
• Defended our Financial Services industry in the UK and on the world stage
• Supported Financial Services with new legislation
• Reduced fees for small businesses and provided assistance to entrepreneurs
• Introduced a National Minimum Wage
• Upgraded the Charles Kirkconnell airport to international airport status
• Grew visitor numbers for stay over and cruise tourism
• Improved the Dart/NRA Agreement to remove sharing of tourism tax and with Dart agreeing to increase their development plans, including road construction
• Enacted the Disabilities (Solomon Webster) Law
• Modernised laws dealing with spent convictions and rehabilitation of offenders
• Modernised Government’s system of procurement
• Established scholarships for specialist doctors
• Completed an independent professional review of public schools
• Re-established the schools’ inspectorate
• Reduced the duty rate on diesel for CUC to save consumers money
• Secured property next to Smith’s Barcadere and re-established public access to beaches on all 3 Islands
• Reviewed the Labour Law and published a consultation version of the Labour Relations Bill
• Introduced single member constituencies and one person one vote
• Updated the National Pensions Law
• Increased retirement age for private sector employees
• Amended Trade and Business Licensing Law
• Updated and implemented Builders Law
• Enacted National Conservation Law
• Enacted new Liquor Licensing Law
• Updated Rehabilitation of Offenders Law
• Implemented the Ready2Work Programme
• Implemented the Healthcare Apprenticeship Programme
• Implemented an Older Persons Policy
• Changed the Planning Law Regulations to allow for mixed use zoning in the George Town Business District
• Improved air service to and from
• Cayman Airways is replacing its fleet of jets with new, modern planes
• Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin defended Cayman on the BBC’s HardTalk and at the Chatham House in
• Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin attended the Anti-Corruption Summit in London where he loudly called for standards that are truly global and inclusive of countries that have significant political clout
. Moses Kirkconnell awarded Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year for 2015
• Minister of Finance Hon. Marco Archer named Finance Minister of the Year in the Caribbean in 2016
’ first school of nursing
• Introduced Cayman’s first Hospitality School of Studies
• Reinstated proper management of the landfill including new equipment
• Improved air service to and from Cayman Brac and Little Cayman
• Implemented a Child Abuse Policy
• Reviewed and updated National Pensions General Regulations”
• Re-established All Party Parliamentary Group
• Reviewed and produced a consultation draft of the National Pensions Funds Investment Regulations


• Modernise the Owen Roberts International Airport
• Update of the Public Management and Finance Law
• Enlarge the cargo port and build a cruise berthing facility
• Support Financial Services Industry through new legislation
• George Town revitalisation project and road improvements
• Create a long-term sustainable waste management solution for all landfills
• Improve the public education system
• Complete work on John Gray High School
• Continuing to defend the Financial Services Industry in the UK and on the world stage
• Improving efficiencies of Government through Public Finance Law and E-Government initiatives

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