December 2, 2020

Suicide – 50 year old man in Prospect

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At approximately 1810hrs on Thursday Feb 21, the Emergency Communications Centre (911) received a call advising that a male hung himself in the Prospect area.

Officers were dispatched to the location along with the Ambulance. On the arrival of the Police and the Medical Unit, it was observed that the victim was confined inside a bathroom which was locked. The responders forced entry into the bathroom and the victim was found lying on his back with electrical cord wrapped around his neck. EMT immediately attended to the victim on the ground and later advised that he was deceased. He was pronounced dead by a medical doctor shortly after. The deceased is a 50 year old male.

The Fire department was also summoned to the location as a precaution due to concerns of a fire risk from a strong scent of gas in the premises.

The matter is being investigated by DC Karen McQuade of the George Town Police Station CID and the premises has been secured to facilitate the investigation until further notice.

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