June 25, 2022

Success! Finally, bill to end child marriage progresses

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By Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

Forced marriageU.K. MPs vote on bill to ban child marriage
Success! U.K. MPs voted on Friday to pass a bill that would criminalize child marriage, progressing the bill to the next stage in the parliamentary process – with government support! We have been waiting since October 2020 for the bill to move to the next stage. 240,000+ global supporters have joined the campaign led by Freedom United board member, campaigner and coerced child marriage survivor Payzee Mahmod. Read more…
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Forced labor
Australian senators warn against forced labor solar panels  

Australian senators, lawyers and human rights experts have drawn attention to the solar panel industry’s links to forced labor in China’s Uyghur Region, calling for greater action from the federal government to prevent the importation of products made with forced labor. 

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Law & policy
FIFA called to urge Qatar to protect its migrant workforce

A new report released this week exposes how migrant workers in Qatar continue to suffer exploitation under the kafala sponsorship system. With just one year to go before the country hosts the World Cup, pressure is building on the international governing body of association football, FIFA, to call on Qatar to take action on migrant workers’ rights. 

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Human trafficking

Does the U.K. deport child trafficking survivors?
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Fear of deportation prevents migrants & survivors from accessing support
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Events happening next week:
Wednesday November 24
Working collaboratively to maximise the impact of modern slavery research 

Thursday November 25“Come alive, Black man!”: Telling our history of Transatlantic Slavery

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Miriam Karmali
Freedom United

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