October 21, 2020

Study: Frequent night bathroom trips sign of high blood pressure


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From Newsmax


A Japanese study found that trips to the toilet at night are a sign of high blood pressure.

Japanese researchers studied 3,730 people from Watari, Japan, about the phenomenon, called nocturia, Newsweek reported in late March. All participants had taken part in an annual health assessment in 2017.

The study found that getting up to go to the bathroom increased the risk of hypertension by 40%, and the risk increased with additional trips.

“Nocturia may be an initial sign of high blood pressure and you should check your blood pressure if you have never checked it before,” said study author Dr. Satoshi Konno. “You may have elevated blood pressure and/or excess fluid in your body.”

While the scientists expected there to be a difference between the condition among men and women, the results proved otherwise.

“To our surprise, nocturia was significantly associated with hypertension in both genders: The risk of prevalent hypertension was almost the same in men and women,” said Konno.

The study could not find a causal relationship between nocturia and high blood pressure, Konno explained, adding the condition could be caused by other factors, including age or the presence of an existing disease.

In addition, he said study subjects had taken part on a “voluntary basis,” which meant participants had a tendency to be “health-conscious and have a healthier lifestyle than those who did not participate in the [2017] check-up.”

The findings were presented at the 83rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society. They have not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

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