September 22, 2020

Study abroad on the Caribbean’s ‘Island of Flowers’


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Jardins-de-Balata-Martinique-by-Andre-MourauxFrom University of Wisconsin

The French Program takes off on a winter Study Abroad adventure during J-term to the of Martinique.

Study Abroad on the Caribbeans Island of Flowers

Also known as the “Island of Flowers,” Martinique is in the southern part of the Caribbean island chain, not far from South America.

Students will leave on December 28, 2014, spend two weeks in Fort-de-, the capital of Martinique, and return on Jan. 10, 2015. Meals and lodging will be provided by the de Séjour, a special residence for just this type of study abroad trip.

A former colony of France, Martinique is known for its sugar cane plantations and its history of slavery. In fact, Napoleon’s Josephine was raised on a sugar cane plantation in Martinique. Since 1946, Martinique has been a French region and department: that is, it belongs to France in the same way that Hawaii belongs to the United States.

Students must register for either FREN 379 (in French) or 279 (in English, which also fulfills a Gen. Ed. Diversity requirement). Both courses focus on Martinique’s history and culture as well as on current contemporary issues.

Eight fabulous full-day historical/cultural excursions are included in the program fee. Participants will visit an old sugar cane plantation, a tropical botanical garden, a rum distillery, an interpretive center about slavery, and more. In addition, one of the excursions focuses on water sports.

Any student, faculty, staff, or community member may participate in the Martinique Study Abroad Program 2015.

The estimated program fee is $2,601 based on 10 participants, which includes tuition, but does not include a passport, round-trip travel between home and airport, airfare, local transportation, and spending money.

For more information, please contact Virginia Donovan at 715-394-8037 or [email protected]. Please join us on this exciting Caribbean adventure!

IMAGE: © CC by André Mouraux

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