September 17, 2021

Strengthening Cayman Islands border security

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immigration-officer-darcia-branchImmigration Officers on the frontline, from dusk to dawn, work tirelessly to ensure the security of the Cayman Islands’ borders and deliver on their mission to keep our Islands safe.

On Wednesday, 26 October 2016 Immigration Officer Darcia Branch said her instincts immediately kicked in when she processed an American passenger with a peculiar travel pattern. Ms. Branch said when she spoke to the passenger about the purpose of his visit, his story created a red flag.

“As officers, many of us develop an instinct in relation to certain behaviors,” Ms. Branch explained. “I paid close attention to the details the passenger provided, and with my training and skills I was able to identify the passenger as someone whom I should take extra precautions with.”

After further questioning the passenger, Ms. Branch had him searched by Customs and in doing so was able to confiscate a small quantity of marijuana. The passenger was then arrested and taken into custody.

“I believe my training and the skills I have developed on the job were essential in this situation,” she said. “This experience has given me more confidence in my instincts and training, as well as confidence in the due diligence processes we carry out daily.”

Acting Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Tamara Reid-Vernon said, “It certainly provides a sense of pride to have tangible results, such as this one produced by Officer Branch, as it demonstrates continuous efforts that we are making to strengthen the security of our Islands.“

She said success in this case required a collaborative effort with the Customs Department.

“As Law Enforcement Agencies responsible for Border Protection, we share a joint responsibility and work closely together at our Ports to achieve our common goals,” Ms. Reid-Vernon explained. “The Department overall is pleased that we were able to make a quick win in this case, in support of our prevailing mission.”


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