May 28, 2022

Stop wasting ice: Aussie newsreader rejects ALS ice bucket challenge

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video-undefined-1F4DB94100000578-490_636x358By Jenni Ryall From Mashable

SYDNEY — Queensland newsreader Lincoln Humphries threw water on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by refusing to accept the challenge on air.

While on the set of WIN News, Humphries said viewers would be better served by donating their money to water-saving charities rather than wasting ice by throwing it on their heads.

The social media campaign, which sees people nominated by their friends to tip a bucket of ice water over their head or choose to donate to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALSA), took a bit longer to take Australia by storm. Down Under, it is more commonly known as Motor Neurone Disease. World leaders, tech entrepreneurs and senior business executives jumped on board as ALSA announced their donations had soared past the $53 million mark since the viral campaign began.

Yet, it has still drawn criticism for not actually making a difference, concerns about how the money is spent or that participants are drenching themselves yet learning nothing about the disease.

Humphries took the screen to say thank you for his nomination, but that he instead nominated “everyone, everywhere” to donate to all charities.

“Instead of pouring fresh water and wasting ice over your own head, here is a list of charities helping communities in desperate need of money across the world,” he said. He then noted charities such as the RSPCA, Red Cross and the Cancer Council.

“I’d like to nominate everyone, everywhere, who have more than what they need to donate what they can to the people who need it most. Because that is what charity is about, not putting yourself through mild discomfort with a bucket of icy water.”

His message seemed serious until he ended it by making a rock and roll sign and saying: “Ice is for keeping fresh produce fresh, the beers cold and your nipples hard.”

Some viewers on YouTube took offense to Humphries’ stance, claiming that the publicity the ice bucket stunt has driven for Motor Neuron Disease alone is worth the wasting of resources.

“If it wasn’t for the ice bucket challenge no one would even know what Motor Neuron Disease is,” wrote YouTube commenter L. Jarrett wrote. “I find his attitude offensive and disrespectful. The one time MND finally gets media attention, people feel the need to undermine it. Why can’t MND have a time and place for awareness? Yes there are other charities for other diseases and illnesses, but they are much more established then MND Australia. Anyone that thinks pouring ice over your head is a waste of resources is missing the point entirely.”

Humphries defended himself on Twitter, saying he appreciated the good work of ALS, but that other charities needed love, not ice.

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