September 18, 2020

Stingray Swim Club members recognised at Annual Awards Banquet


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Stingray Swim Club, Grand Cayman, 16 June 2012: The Stingray Swim Club held its Annual Awards Banquet at The Reef Resort in East End on Sunday 27th May, celebrating a season of successes and personal growth, while also saying goodbye to two of its Senior Swimmers who are moving on to the next, great races of their swimming careers.


All Stingray members received certificates of good standing; those who achieved Time Standards received their badges and certificates and age groups awards for Distinction and for Spirit were



Geoffrey Butler with SSC Directors Chris Morgan and Melanie Solomon

For the Distinction award a number of criteria is considered including: commitment to training, improved times and participation in meets. The winners for the Stingray Swimming Distinction Award for the 2011-2012 Swim Season are: 6 & Unders, Marissa Poole; 7-8 years, Corey Westerborg; 9-10 years, Alison Jackson; 11-12 years, Katie Klein; 13-14 years, Ashley Theaker and 15 & Over Kyle Fraser. The Spirit Award goes to swimmers who display a strong sense of team spirit and camraderie, who participate fully and who are enthusiastic members of the club.

The winners for the Stingray Spirit Award for the 2011-2012 Swim Season are: 7-8 years, Olivia Plunkett; 9-10 years, Krishna Adapa; 11-12 years, Ella Plunkett; 13-14 years Cole Morgan and 15 & Over Andrew Smilley.

Following this The Shepheard Cup was presented by SSC Director Chris Morgan

Iain Macrae with Coach Charlotte Shepheard

on behalf of Coach Marie and her husband Peter Shepheard, and their daughter Coach Charlotte – a swim family – as a legacy to their son Leo, who died tragically young (19) in a car accident. With the Shepheard family’s permission, SSC uses the opportunity of presenting the Cup to send an important message to the swimmers, some of whom are now starting to drive, about road safety and the absolute need to wear a seat belt.

The Shepheard Cup is awarded to a swimmer who is committed; enthusiastic, even passionate about swimming – doesn’t always have to win, but does well; represents their Club and country with pride at home and overseas – and generally is a great kid to be around the pool and to have on the team. First presented to Lara Butler in 2011, the 2012 recepient of the Shepheard Cup was Iain Macrae.

Alex McCallum and Geoffrey Butler were presented with Leavers Gifts and for the first time a trophy for Swimmer of The Year 2012 was presented – to Geoffrey Butler. Geoffrey is as well known in local and regional swimming for his great sportmanship and good humour, as he is for his dedication to his craft and speed in the pool. A Bronze medalist in the 800m Freestyle at CARIFTA 2012, Geoffrey also qualified for the 1500m and will be swimming in the British Nationals this summer.

Geoffrey is going to Plymouth College this Fall and will be swimming with Plymouth Leander, Britain’s foremost competitive swimming club.

Although off island on business, SSC President, Brenda McGrath “spoke” to those attending the banquet via a taped speech. She spoke of the challenging year the club has had; as well as to its resilience, determination and continued role as one of the ambassadors of Swimming in the Cayman Islands. Attendees won a number of great prizes donated by perennial friends of swimming such as Cayman Airways, LIME, Atlantis Submarines, Sunset House, Jacques Scott and a number of other community and civic minded companies.

The next event on the Stingray Swim Club Calendar is the Caledonian Swim Meet, June 20-24th, which offers a full array of events – sprint, middle and long distances. Meet packages and registration forms are available on Stingray Swim Club’s website:


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