September 27, 2020

Steve Jobs’ $120m super-yacht


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247277CB00000578-2897937-image-a-2_1420541079361’ $120m super-yacht spotted in the Caribbean after the futuristic vessel was inherited by Apple founder’s widow

From Daily Mail UK

The 256-foot-long Venus was pictured off the coast of in the on January 2

Apple founder Steve Jobs died a year before the vessel was completed in 2012 and it is now owned by his widow

Steve Jobs 256-foot-long super-yacht caused waves both in the water and online when it was spotted near the British Virgin Islands this past weekend.

The Instagram account for a Cape Cod inn posted pictures of the elusive vessel on Instagram, showing the futuristic ship floating in deep blue waters off Norman Island.

‘Ok, I’ll become a Bond villain,’ the user for Woods Hole Inn captioned the photo.

The super yacht created for Apple founder Steve Jobs was spotted near the British Virgin Islands this past weekend. Vacationers who saw the ship off the coast of Norman Island posted pictures of the elusive vessel to Instagram

Jobs never got to sail on his boat named Venus, since he died about a year before it was completed

Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs maintains ownership of the ship, which has also been seen near St Martin, Montanegro, Palma, Gibraltar and Horta Azores according to

Unfortunately, Jobs never got to board his €100million ship named Venus, since the tech genius died a year before it was completed in 2012.

Jobs commissioned the ship in 2008, a few years after his first cancer diagnosis. Several summers spent relaxing on friend and fellow businessman Larry Ellison’s yacht convinced Jobs he wanted a boat of his own.

The Apple founder enlisted the expertise of designer Phillippe Starck to create his one-of-a-kind sailing paradise. Additionally, he hired the chief designer of the Apple Stores to make structural glass for the yacht.

Steve Jobs’ yacht Venus unveiled for first time in 2012

Jobs enlisted designer Phillippe Starck to make his one-of-a-kind ship. The boat features glass created by the same chief designer as the iconic Apple Stores

Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs maintains ownership of the yacht. It has also been spotted near St Martin, Montenegro, Palma, Gibraltar and Horta Azores

‘We miss him every day.’ Steve Jobs’ widow talks about tech…

Ms Powell, pictured with Jobs at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards in California in March 2007, recently said in an interview that she ‘misses him everyday’

Ms Powell at the 16th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles in 2013, said having Jobs’ body of work surrounding her was ‘a very beautiful reminder’ and was ‘touching and inspiring’ and reminder her to keeping doing the things ‘I’m passionate about’

Starck spoke about creating Venus in an interview with French Vanity Fair last year, revealing that the super yacht contains six bedrooms and a home automation system to communicate between the kids’ living quarters in the front of the ship, and the adult quarters in the back – so there would be no need for yelling.

‘Steve wanted to be sure that the teenagers could be set up in the front of the boat when he was at the back and vice-versa. He was obsessed with silence,’ Starck said. ‘In his home, children did not make noise, nor the dog, nor his wife … no one made any noise, ever.’

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