December 1, 2020

Stefan Baraud announces for George Town as an Independent

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main_imageStefan Baraud announced on Monday (4) he will be standing as an Independent in the District of George Town in the May 2013 General Election.

This is what he has to say about himself.

I come from a family of small business owners, a family where perseverance, entrepreneurship and dedication are valued and that understands nothing happens without hard work.

Our people have been struggling for too long in this country and deserve a representative they can count on.

I am committed and determined to help. That is why I am running as an independent candidate for George Town.

Having interests in a broad range of businesses in the Cayman Islands, from retail, restaurants, water sports and construction development, I understand the importance of issues such as technical and vocational training for Caymanians, cruise tourism, air and seaport infrastructure.

I believe we can refocus and rebuild our country to become a place that once again has good governance, a more efficient government and more productive private sector that will deliver more jobs, higher wages and lead to a real improvement in household income.

Son of Dominique and Betty Baraud, I was born and raised in Prospect and Tropical Gardens. I attended Triple C and John Gray High School and graduated from Eckerd College in Florida with a Bachelor of International Business. I proudly represented the Cayman Islands in cycling at the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics competing at a world-class level gave me an insatiable desire to be my best, take action and improve. Characteristics that still translate across all aspects of my life

I have volunteered my services to various government boards and non-profit associations, have been chairman of the Cayman Islands Labour Tribunal, Port Authority Board and Junior Achievement Programme. I was a Finalist of the Young Caymanian Leadership Awards and for several years I was involved in crucial computer training for inmates at Northward.

The Cayman Islands needs a stronger economy, stronger communities, improved infrastructure and the highest possible standards of living.

As a father, I believe in preserving the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands and the environment for future generations, in a just and humane society and in a government that supports Caymanian families in the areas of health and education.

You now know what is important to me. But as your George Town candidate it is vital that I know what is important you.

I welcome your support, your questions and your concerns. Please visit my website, phone me or stop me on the street. Help me move this country forward and make a difference to your life and that of future generations.

  • Good governance, integrity and transparency
  • Employment, increased job opportunities and training for Caymanians
  • Reduced cost of living and higher standards of living
  • Technical and vocational job training
  • One Man, One Vote
  • Cruise tourism and related infrastructure development

His website is




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