September 20, 2020

Statement from Chamber of Commerce re anticipated liquor fees hiked


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While it is acknowledged that these fees have not been increased for several years, many other fees have been increased significantly over the past five years. The results of the Chamber’s recent State of Business and Small Business surveys confirm that the cost of doing business is the single greatest challenge facing Cayman business today. While we understand the importance of paying our fair share to fund essential government services and systems, it is equally important for Government to work to reduce its recurring expenditure, rationalise staffing and generally run within the confines of the incoming revenue sources.

The Chamber requests that Government provide an update on the progress that has been made with implementing the approved recommendations from the public sector reviews and the Miller Shaw Report.

The Chamber’s statement comes in the wake of the short notice meeting Premier McKeeva Bush called on Monday (25) to liquor licence holders.

He asked them for their reaction to a fee increase that was definitely coming in this year’s spending plans.

The fee increase, Mr. Bush explained, was to fund the proposed hospitality training school and he warned licence holders that if he didn’t make the hike, the UK government would push for greater increases than those proposed by the Cayman government.

This statement is disputed as it is highly unlikely the UK government would specify exactly where to raise revenues.

Currently, liquor licences range from $1,000-$4,800 annually and music and dancing licences are another $500 per year.

Mr. Bush pointed out the fees has not been increased for several years.

iNews Cayman will have more on this subject.


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