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Statement by HE The Governor on the recent murders in West Bay

HE Governor Duncan Taylor

The murder of Preston Rivers Saturday night, the third such tragic waste of life in five days, appalls all right-minded individuals in the Cayman Islands. The Governor has issued the following statement:

“I have been horrified and disgusted to hear of the three brutal murders in just a few days in West Bay this week. This violence is shocking and intolerable. I have today met with the Commissioner of Police and have spoken to the Premier (overseas on business) and Acting Premier about them. We are deeply concerned by what has happened and are committed to doing everything possible to ensure that the violence stops and that the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice.

“In response to the murders earlier in the week, the RCIPS increased the number of uniformed and armed police officers in the West Bay area. The Police Commissioner has informed me that these higher levels will be maintained for the foreseeable future.  The RCIPS have also set up dedicated investigative teams to set about the securing of evidence and bringing those responsible to justice.

“I want to ensure that we give the Commissioner and the RCIPS every possible assistance in meeting this latest challenge to our security. I have called a meeting first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning with the Premier, the Deputy Governor, the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Commissioner of Police to explore every possible way, within the law, in which we can deal with this intolerable escalation in violence. We will look very carefully and critically at what we are doing now and consider creatively and exhaustively the range of other possible options available to us. This level of violence is completely unacceptable and we must and will do whatever is necessary to stop it continuing. That is our priority.

“The RCIPS rose to the challenge of dealing with a dreadful series of murders in early 2010; they took firm action against suspects and made a number of arrests which took dangerous individuals off our streets and led to a period of almost a year without a murder. I am confident that the perpetrators of these recent and shocking crimes will be caught and charged too. I will not rest until that happens.

“But you can help, too. There are some of you in the community who have information that could help the police apprehend these killers. If you are one of them, I urge you to come forward with this information. It will be treated in confidence. Please do the right thing: help stop this senseless killing and make our communities safer places for us all. If you know where a gun is, tell the Police or Crime Stoppers and you may save a life. I also urge those of you who know family members or friends who are linked to gangs to challenge them and help prevent them engaging with individuals who may ultimately ruin your and your family’s lives.”

Duncan Taylor 


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