September 18, 2020

Start living your dream life this year


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Enjoying the sunBy Paul Husbands From The Barbados Advocate

2015 is the year to finally make the steps towards your dream goals. Every hurdle cleared and every hurdle stumbled has lead you to this very moment. For months, even years, you have held that precious dream of yours – clasped in your palms like a delicate bird, but no longer should you clench. That once vulnerable hatchling has grown into a powerful beast ready to spread its wings and soar – the time to let go is now.

Learning to let go is key, as it is in holding on that we stay rooted in place. We wonder about the numerous outcomes and consequences unravelling before we even consider the rewards and achievements we can gain from moving towards our dreams.

Making our goals a reality can be a very daunting prospect. When we ponder on the steps it would take to reach our destination, many of us are so confounded by the time and sacrifices needed that we just choose to procrastinate. We just set those ambitions aside ‘temporarily’ so we can make it through the day, then those days turn to weeks, months, years… and when we finally pause to look down at where we stand, our feet are still in the same spot where we started.

The longer you wait to pursue those dreams, the longer you delay your happiness.

Raw, unfiltered, infectious happiness is the highest level of feeling alive. Occasionally we come across people in our lives who are just beaming with glee every time they smile or laugh. What is their secret, where do they obtain such emotions, is it their diet?

If you were to take a couple minutes of your time to speak with said persons, they would reveal to you the ongoing experiences in their lives that are filling their half-full cup right up to the brim.

One would expect they must be travelling the world chasing the life of adventure, or maybe their love life has been reaching jaw dropping peaks, or possibly even found that all encompassing and elusive perfect job. Well, the answers would probably shock you to your core.

The majority of the ‘happy’ people you come across in life are simply people that are completely self-aware – few things surprise them. In their lifespan they have encountered so many highs, and even more lows, that they actually feel like they have lived more than once. They have been completely humbled by life and yet still feel blessed. This comes from following their heart without fear of it being broken.

The truth is the people you meet in life aren’t truly ‘happy’. Happiness is temporary, and that’s the beauty of it. Happiness comes and goes, and comes again.

What these people have found is something beyond happiness, and that is inner-peace. They are at peace with themselves, they are at peace with where they are in life at the moment, and they are at a peace with the path they are headed to next.

Conquer your mind, and you will find inner peace – in time. When you have achieved peace with yourself, your path forward will reveal itself clear as day. Go wherever your heart beats strongest.
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