September 25, 2022

Stamps for graphic design

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10 awesome examples of stamps used for graphic design

By Mirko Humbert From Designer Daily

Thinking of using stamps in one of your upcoming design projects? This may be a good idea, especially if you use the stamps as well as these following examples.

1. CD packaging for Geir Strandenæs Larsen

A seal imagined by Daniel Brokstad to add a nice touch to the package.

2. DIY Hand Stamped Wooden Business Cards

How do you print on wooden business cards? Easy, you use a stamp like Hans Thiessen did.

3. Curry Up

On top of having a cool business name, Curry Up had a good idea to hire Design Wombs for their rebranding. The use of stamps was a great idea too.

4. Identity for Dylan Culhane

Who said stamps always needed to be used with ink? Stamp relief itself looks good enough to add a touch of class. Take a look for yourself on this amazing identity design.

5. Business cards for The Awesome Project

When you name your design studio The Awesome Project, it makes sense that you create awesome business cards, which they did.

6. Chez Faucher business cards

Gorgeous business cards and identity design for this online store, more about the project.

7. Japanese stamps for packaging

Stamps play an important in visual arts in East Asia, this packaging design is a great tribute to this traditional art form.

8. Vic stationery

The use of stamps adds a warm feeling and a real human touch. Great work by KMG.

9. Café Chiquilin

For Café Chiquilin’s corporate identity, larger chunks of texts have been included using stamps, and it works very well.

10. Privilege

A golden stamp that looks just perfect for this Dubai company that sells luxury goods.

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