March 23, 2023

St Patrick’s Day juices

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.18.25 AMPrepare for your jog with these delicious juices!

To celebrate this healthy movement, we’re sharing green and natural ideas:

Did you know that green juices offer nutritious benefits particularly for physical endurance?

Drinking natural juices, loaded with green vegetables, both energizes you and supports your immune system and will benefit your digestive system by cleansing and balancing it especially if you’re preparing for physical endurance or events. Do you want to be stronger and enjoy all these benefits?

Nutritionist and KitchenAid consultant, Maria Calle, shares tips and the perfect green juice recipes for athletes (starting with the cleansing and conditioning of the body) for everyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel better.

Cleansing and preparation for athletes

How can we incorporate a higher concentration of energizing raw and living foods to our diet?

Nutritionist and KitchenAid consultant, Maria Calle, explains the benefits of juicing and how they cleanse and prepare our bodies for marathons, competitions or athletic routines by re-energizing and balancing the nutrition required by physical activities and trainings:

As a regular athlete, I’ve always believed that my body needs living and raw foods to provide the energy, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stay active all day. But how can we incorporate these living foods in our lives? An easy solution is to include it in our diets.

For the majority, it’s easy to include at lunch or dinner but many find it difficult to include for breakfast. A great option is through green juices; with a high concentration of fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, these green juices offer enormous benefits to our body. Not only are they natural nutrition but they also supply the daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need.

We’d like to share two delicious and convenient juice recipes perfect for an inner cleanse and for support on your daily activities.

The selected ingredients are diuretics and support digestion by providing minerals, enzymes and the necessary nutrients our bodies need. Cucumber has a high concentration of water allowing the perfect hydration: celery is loaded with vitamin C, B3 and B6 along with calcium and potassium making it perfect for good digestion. Finally, a green apple is deliciously sweet and combines all the other ingredients’ flavors. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and contains very little sugar, it’s antioxidant and provides a lot of vitamin C (like lemons, feel free to add).

By mixing these delicious ingredients, we’ll make a delicious green juice that provides many cleansing benefits! Here are some delicious ideas:

Green Detox Juice
· cid:[email protected]: 12 oz.
· Preparation: 15 minutes
· Gluten-free, raw and vegan

ü 1 large cucumber
ü 1 celery stem with its leaves (the leaves have multiple nutrients, do not waste)
ü 1 green apple sliced (remove center and seeds)
ü 8 kale leaves (remove stem)

· Properly wash all ingredients.
· Slice the green apple and dice the cucumber. If these are not organic, we recommend peeling them first to remove chemicals.
· Start by inserting half of the green apple into KitchenAid’s Cold Press Juicer. Then, mix in kale with the other half of the green apple. Immediately insert the cucumber and the celery until all ingredients are processed.
· Serve and enjoy!

Note: to make this delicious recipe, I used my favorite: KitchenAid’s Cold Press Juicer which doesn’t oxidizes the ingredients due to its slower process. With this innovative gadget, you can prepare fruit and vegetables juices or sauces while maximizing your vitamin intake and doesn’t separate liquid and pulp.

With it’s three pulp filters (high, medium and low) and its special pre-cutting blade design, one can indulge with delicious detox juices or sauces and jams.

Lemon Cucumber Mix
ü 2 diced cucumbers with no ends
ü 50g of fresh and washed spinach
ü ½ peeled and seedless lemon

· Mix cucumbers, spinach and lemon into KitchenAid’s Magnetic Drive Blender and blend with the juice setting.
· Serve in two glasses and enjoy!
· Note: for additional juice, add an apple without a center and sliced in pieces of 2.5 cm.

Note: to make this delicious recipe, I used KitchenAid’s Magnetic Drive Blender. The Magnetic Drive Blender has an exclusive design and utilizes the patented magnetic impulse system with smart features. Unreplaceable in your kitchen as it will change the way you juice, turning natural ingredients into extraordinary creations that significantly improve your lifestyle. It’s design allows the pitcher to secure itself for juicing without supervision. The blender comes with smart features preestablished for juicing, making soups, sauces, smoothies and drinks to make your reunions unforgetabble; juices that energize you and more (BPA-free).

See a video with all the blender’s features:

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