September 22, 2020

St George’s Anglican Church


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It was a lovely afternoon last Saturday (23) and I only just made it to St George’s Anglican Church’s Annual Fair on Courts Road, George Town

With only half an hour to go thankfully there was still some food for sale at only $10 including a mouth watering refreshment that I really needed.

The chicken was delicious and with all the vegetables and salad, it filled my hungry stomach.

Most stalls were sold out but there were plenty of plants for sale and I heard our Publisher, Joan Wilson, had passed by but not before buying a couple of them. If you haven’t seen Joan’s garden you should. It’s beautiful and she tenders to her flowers, shrubs and trees as if they were her children.

Pass by her house at the hottest time of the day and you will still find her out there in the garden, “sweating bullets” as she puts it.

And sweating bullets was just what the members of St. George’s were doing on this Saturday afternoon. There were a few tents placed over some of the stalls but it was “hot, hot, hot.”

I could not get a tally of how much the fair made profit wise but I hope it was a lot. A huge amount of planning and effort went into it and it is so nice the Cayman Islands have these church functions.


I love them and I hope you do too.


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