March 24, 2023

Solving our global problems

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screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-11-02-59-amOctober 2016, By James Y From The New Global Awareness

There is no doubt that we live in a troubled world with an escalating display of bizarre and unacceptable behaviors, unspeakable deeds and unrest. One only needs to look at what is happening in the current US Presidential election campaign and the constant flow of news, reporting on mass shootings, terrorist attacks and political instability world wide.

Rather than a world coming together to put an end to our global problems, what we see is a world with escalating levels of selfishness, inequality, exploitation, religious fanaticism and terrorism, war and refugee issues etc.

In a report by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) on World Refugee Day, it was for example stated that the number of people displaced world wide by war, conflict or persecution now had hit a new record with more than 65 million people displaced – and with the number of displaced people growing by a staggering 34,000 each and every day. While this tragedy has been described as “Earth Crisis” by some, the US President Obama’s response to the report was that “The scale of this human suffering is almost unimaginable” and added that “the need for the world to respond is beyond question”.

With so many of our global problems either directly or indirectly related to hard-lined political agendas or extremist religious ideologies, something has to be done to put a stop to the misuse of power by the handful of leaders and their followers who use their positions for self-serving and personal gain. Individuals who evidently lack respect for fellow human beings and are unwilling to treat others as equals.

But the question is – what can we do about it?

Needless to say, we cannot create a better world by the use of force, neither by declaring war on countries nor religious ideologies. What is needed is a whole new way of thinking; a new way of approaching and solving our problems. And to do this, we first need to raise our awareness to a whole new level, one that will allow us to clearly see what it is that we, as humanity, are doing and provide us with the insight and tools needed to free ourselves from this escalating nightmare we are experiencing, before it is too late.

With regards to our current political systems being a major contributor to the world wide inequality, exploitation, financial and economic crisis and even human trafficking, slavery, dictatorships and war etc – it is inevitable that we at some stage need to consider looking at an alternative future system.

And with regards to our religions and religious ideologies, we need a new level of awareness that automatically will remove the power from aggressive religious ideologies and their fanatic and extremists followers.

For us to create a better world we need a whole new level of wisdom, awareness and insight. We need for humanity to change how we perceive one another; how we relate to one another and how we treat one another. And with regards to our religious ideologies, we need to take humanity’s understanding of spirituality to a whole new level; one that will transcend all our current belief systems and demystify the concept of spirituality, so that no one person or religion can claim to be on a higher standing or closer to God.

We need a new level of awareness and insight that not only brings us up to the same level of wisdom and insight as that of the holy men and sages of the past upon which our world religions are based, but one which transcends to an even higher level of wisdom and insight where the ultimate truth about both our physical and spiritual reality can be understood and accepted by everyone. And we need for this new awareness to be communicated and explained in a down-to-earth way that makes it accessible to everyone. In other words, we need a new level of comprehension and awareness of the reality in which we live, one that can unite humanity.

The great news is that all of this – the insight and tools needed to expand our awareness to the level we are talking about here, is now readily available to us all under one single concept referred to as “The New Global Awareness”.

While giving us the insight and tools we need, and even a sample “concept model for a future global civilization”, “The New Global Awareness” is about much more than bringing peace to the world and to creating a better world for us all. It is about gaining a whole new level of awareness of the reality in which we live, of who we are and what life is about.

“The New Global Awareness” represents a completely new subject area or category; a new philosophy and paradigm that looks at humanity and our reality from a holistic point of view and provides a comprehensive blueprint for the next step in our human evolution.

In other words, what we are talking about here is monumental, a Global game changer, so profound that it will even “shift the perception” we have of the reality in which we live.

It is about giving all of us access to the ultimate truth about our reality, an all-inclusive and non-discriminatory truth without the reliance on religion or belief systems, or any politically motivated agendas.

Based on scientific facts, logic and the new level of insight “The New Global Awareness” provides, it also answers some of the biggest and most difficult questions ever asked by humanity, including those asked by philosophers, theologians, astronomers, quantum physicists and many more. Some of the many answers provided and areas covered include:

Quantum Physics:
It provides an in-depth explanation of our true reality and explains the mystifying quantum-puzzling link between the object and the observer.

It gives factual evidence of the self i.e. the invisible or non-observable part of the equation of what it means to be alive.

General Science:
It defines the parameters of how far traditional science can go in explaining our physical reality and why. It then takes us way beyond the limitations of traditional science, using a scientific and logically sound approach to provide factual evidence of our extended true reality.

Modern Medicine:
It explains the mechanics of self healing and the underlying reasons of why it works.

It explains our universe, defines its boundaries and gives us a whole new perception and way of understanding the concept of space.

Using the same scientific method traditionally used by science, and without the reliance on religion or belief systems, it proves our spiritual reality, meaning our non-physical reality (or what some refer to as “God”). It lifts up our perception of the reality in which we live, to a whole new level of enlightenment bringing the world of spirituality into the world of everyday living.

Global Issues:
With so much inequality, intolerance, dividedness, self-centeredness, religious fanaticism, ego-driven politics and disconnectedness etc in the World, “The New Global Awareness” provides us with some clear answers as to why we are experiencing these issues and suggestions for what we can do to create a better world for us all.


Imagine the implications of raising humanity’s level of wisdom and awareness to such a new level on a global scale. It will basically eradicate nearly all of our global problems:

– It will dissolve the dividedness between different religions. It will end religiously motivated fanaticism. It will also remove the motivation for the “easily lead” to join fanatic militant groups.

– It will even remove the need for religion as such, as spirituality and science will merge into one, creating a new shared global awareness of who we are, our true reality and how we and it all fits together.

– It will help bring an end to the self-centeredness, human disconnectedness and greed which are causing so many of our problems and unnecessary suffering world wide.

– It will have a major impact on bringing equality to all people and to break down the intolerance and bias held by some individuals towards people of different race, gender, sexual orientation, status, nationality etc.

– It will lift people up and fill them with excitement about life; give them a renewed look at themselves, one that promotes their self-worth and self-esteem.

In fact the implications will be so profound and widespread that it will have an impact and influence on basically every aspect of our human lives, for example our:

– Political systems
– Social systems
– Religions and belief systems
– Sciences
– Education systems
– Quality of life
– Environment
– Health care systems
– Aged care systems
– Way of doing Business

And many more…

If you want the world to be a better place, start by gaining the new insight, wisdom, understanding and awareness found in “The New Global Awareness” yourself. Help influence and guide the people around you.

The insight and tools provided by “The New Global Awareness” is set to ignite a lot of lively discussions and debates in all corners of our world, so be sure to know the facts.

“The New Global Awareness” is ideal for discussions and debates at all levels of our society and is ideal for inclusion in the curriculum from elementary/primary school through to university level.

For more information please about “The New Global Awareness” please visit:

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