January 24, 2022

Sleepy bear cub walks into pizzeria, takes a nap

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bear-pizzaBy Kimberly Truong From Mashable

On Mondays, many of us yearn for a bite to eat and an afternoon nap — and it turns out that bears are no exception.

A lone bear cub made her way into a Colorado Springs pizzeria Monday afternoon, and promptly planted herself onto a shelf in the back office for a quick snooze.

There’s no word on where the bear might have come from, but she was first spotted wandering around the local Palmer High School. Blanca Caro, the police resource officer at Palmer, told The Colorado Springs Gazette the bear’s presence almost caused the school to go on lockdown.

But after further investigation, Caro ascertained that the bear posed no threat to the students — in fact, she had already made way to Louie’s Pizza, probably after sniffing the irresistible wafts of cheese and tomato sauce.

CO5A4vjWwAAT6-Z.jpg-largeCO5AGl0WwAQ12SL.jpg-large“I started heading west on Boulder and that’s when I got flagged down by an employee at Louie’s Pizza,” she told The Gazette.

Seeing an open door to the pizzeria, the bear cub played around with pizza supplies before napping on the second shelf of a storage rack — which is where Colorado Parks & Wildlife found her sound asleep.

Parks & Wildlife spokesman Matt Robbins told The Gazette that the bear was found to be malnourished, and had an open wound on one of her paws. She was then taken to a rehabilitation facility to recover.

“If we get that weight up and the wound heals, it will go back in to the wild,” Robbins said, adding that the “orphan” bear also appeared to be alone.

“We have not gotten any reports of the momma bear in the area,” Caro said. “That’s a good thing.”

If you’re in need of a nap, why not kill two birds with one paw and make sure you can wake up to delicious pizza? For coming up with that plan, this cub seems smarter than the average bear.

IMAGE: The napping culprit who took a snooze on the shelves of a pizzeria. IMAGE: JEREMY MOORE
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