October 27, 2020

Site clearance begins for new roads


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The signing of the National Roads Authority Agreement (NRA Agreement) last month triggered an Independent Review process and the immediate release of US$5 million to educational, community and training programmes, parks and housing initiatives as well as a “Save the Mortgage” programme.

The Honourable Premier McKeeva Bush said “While it is a few jobs to start with, it is the beginning of fulfilling my Government’s promise of creating jobs and work for local businesses through the signing of the NRA Agreement with Dart.”

A Caymanian owned heavy equipment contractor – Shamrock Heights Equipment – has been awarded the contract by Dart Realty to coordinate independent Caymanian heavy equipment operators with work for the ETHE project.

Work began on Tuesday January 10th  in four distinct locations:

•  Site clearance at Governor’s Way which is a continuation of the clearing done in December.

•  Two site clearances, one at the current terminus of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway/Foster Bay Village, working north and the other at the location where Yacht Drive will intersect with the extension of the ETH, working south. They will meet in the middle and then the route for the first phase of the ETH Extension will be cleared of major shrubs and trees.

•  Site clearance for the construction of a “Haul Road” on the route which the new ETH will follow. This will facilitate the trucking of fill when the construction of the ETH extension begins in earnest.

It is anticipated that with a positive outcome to the Independent Review, this will take between 4-6 weeks. The sites being cleared will not impact existing traffic flow.

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