November 24, 2020

Sister Islands Ag Show a real treat

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CB AG show (5)webThe Sister Islands are gearing up for their respective Agricultural Shows, which will take place on Saturday, 2 March on Cayman Brac and on 23 March on Little Cayman.

The Cayman Brac show will take place at the Agriculture Grounds off Songbird Road on the Bluff and starts at 8:00 a.m. Besides its innate ability to entertain, the show has traditionally been an important forum that assists the Department of Agriculture to spread its message about the benefits of backyard farming through the sale of seedlings and plants.

Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly is encouraging everyone to support both shows and notes that Cayman Airways has scheduled extra flights for those who want to attend the Cayman Brac show.

“These shows offer the usual extravaganza of colour, competition and showmanship along with displays, and are a great opportunity for social interaction in the close-knit communities of our Sister Islands. The good thing about agriculture in Little Cayman is that just about everyone does their part. They understand the importance of backyard farming and rely on each other,” the Premier stated.

Livestock, crafts and a variety of farm produce will be showcased. The shows are also well known for local delicacies such as stewed turtle, whelks, conch and beef, fish, chicken and lobster prepared in a variety of ways with all the trimmings and sides such as rice and beans, potato salad and locally grown foods.

As in previous years, prizes will be awarded to the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of the Show. Last year’s winners in Cayman Brac were:  Theresa Mena, who was crowned Queen and Margarito “Merch” Chantelope, crowned King. The Prince and Princess of the show were David Scott (Creek and Spot Bay Primary School) and Lorie Parchman from West End Primary.

There is a raffle prize of US$2,500 and many other prizes including airline tickets and gift certificates. Entertainment will be provided by many local artistes, including Mr. Lammie Seymour from Grand Cayman.

On Little Cayman, the show will be held at Blossom Village next to the Marine Museum.

The show features such things as the Linton Tibbett’s coconut toss, the ever popular dog show, tractor rides and workshops on plant fertilization and transplanting.

Mr. Franklin Bodden and Mirelda Messias were crowned 2012 King and Queen of Little Cayman Agriculture Show respectively. The Minister’s Special Awards for Agriculture Spirit – Youth went to Little Cayman Education Services students. Debbi Truchan, the chairperson of the Little Cayman Agriculture Show, took the prize in the adult category of the Minister’s Special Award.

The cost of admission is $10 which includes a raffle ticket, for chance to win US$1,000.00 and many more prizes.

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