September 18, 2020

Simon says ‘It Rocks!!”


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The First Baptist Church’s Kids’ Choir put on a concert at the church near the Crew Road roundabout, George Town on Sunday evening (10).

The concert was titled “Simon Says: The Rockin’ Trial of Simon Peter” and the performance really did “ROCK”!

The sheer exuberance, gusto and enjoyment all the children (I actually hate the word ‘kids’) showed and gave in all their singing and acting can only be measured as 100 out of 100. The show was simply fabulous.

What amazed me was, whilst there were plenty of people watching, there were almost as many empty seats.

From the photograph you can see how many children were in the show so just on that alone, with all the families and friends the church should have been overflowing.

And… there was free “desserts” after the one hour show was over. I put quotes over the word “desserts” because nowhere in my house does “desserts” mean a feast. But it was a feast. Yes, there was desserts – lots – but there was also chicken, pizzas, salad and fruity drinks.

Back to the concert. It is the present day and Simon Peter is on trial because Simon says, “Jesus lived and was the Son of God”.

The judge was at first overwhelmed with the incredulous testimony and wished “Judge Judy” had been assigned the case.

However, as it progressed, with JNN news interrupting now and again with television updates, even the judge started rockin’ to the especially written upbeat but inspirational music.

Various “witnesses” testified to all the astounding good deeds Jesus had done, how he had raised Lazarus (yes he even made an appearance to prove it heavily swathed in bandages), we hear from the Woman at the Well, Peter’s other disciples, and Mary Magdalene. She was called first on the telephone and we heard a hilarious but very true automatic voice telling the caller to press or say 1 for this, 2 for that, etc. and then repeat this to which Mary you want and eventually the extension rings but the person isn’t there and leave a message but the voice message box is full. Luckily Mary did get the message and she ran in to great applause and laughter.

The judge finally was convinced and dismissed the case. Jesus was found to really be the Son of God and he was raised from the dead on the third day.

Congratulations to the musical director and the many, many other people who have been involved in this production.

Thank you and well done everyone.

And next time everyone come out. This is the second First Baptist Kids’ Choir I have been to and both have been fabulous or should I say “awesome?”

Simon, Georgina says, “You rock!”

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