March 3, 2021

Should you buy or lease your new vehicle?

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Many people decide to buy their vehicles due to the convenience, comfort, and freedom that cars provide. Accordingly, it allows them to conveniently and comfortably commute to their desired destination, whether to work, school, mall, or supermarket.

Car buyers have many factors to consider before getting a vehicle, such as their budget, preferred type of vehicle, desired features, and whether to get a used or new car. For most drivers, a new car is the better option. It often has warranty coverage, more contemporary features, and a more advanced safety feature than buying a used one.

However, when getting a new vehicle, you also need to decide whether to purchase or lease your car and which car dealership to get it from. Choosing a reliable one, selecting a car dealership near you will be more convenient and cost-effective as you will pay less for gas and take less time out of your day when visiting the dealer. Moreover, car dealerships in San Diego allow car buyers to decide whether to buy or lease their new vehicle.

Much of the time, the buyer’s budget, goals, and personal preferences play a significant role in their decision-making to purchase or lease a car. Knowing further the benefits of buying or leasing also helps them become more confident with their choice.  

You have the option to either purchase or lease your new vehicle. When you buy a car, it means you pay for the entire cost of the vehicle, either through cash or financing. Meanwhile, when you lease your vehicle, you get to use a car from a dealership for a specific period and pay periodical payments, typically monthly installments. And at the end of the contract period, you have to turn it back over to the lessor. 

This infographic from Carbevy provides more details on the benefits of purchasing or leasing a vehicle.


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