May 17, 2021

Shocking animal cruelty in Grand Bahama [WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE]

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acidattack-bFrom bahamaislandsinfo

Today’s guest editorial is by Humane Society of Grand Bahama Director Tip Burrows, who shares a rather shocking case of animal cruelty that we think needs to be widely known. This extent of cruelty is — or should be — criminal. Action by law enforcement should be taken in such matters, in our opinion, and local residents should be outraged. If you can assist in this specific case, costs for care and recovery are about $50 per day for medication, dressings and other aspects of intense labour and attention needed. The dog may not survive this, and we should be moved to not only compassion in this case, but to action to prevent such things from occurring, both as pet owners and as a community. If you can assist, please contact the Humane Society of Grand Bahama through their Facebook page. – Editor

We debated posting this. Talked to several people including one board member. The consensus is that people need to hear about these things, hard as they are. We do seem to be seeing an increase of animal neglect and crimes against animals.

This one hit us hard today. This is an eight month old puppy, who we had picked up on two different occasions some months ago as a “stray” along with his sibling. Their owner turned up looking for them, and subsequently brought them back for medical treatment – they both had parvo. The sibling did not survive. This puppy spent over a week at the shelter, during which time his sweet personality endeared himself to all of us. We had cautioned the owner about keeping them inside his yard (he also has an adult dog). We had been to the home and the only thing wrong was the front gate needed some repairs, which the owner performed. But he was evidently still leaving the gate open and keeping the dogs tied, and this puppy did not like being tied (who would?) and obviously escaped yet again.

The owner called us today from offshore on a fishing boat, saying his neighbors had called him, that the pup had gotten out of the yard again and someone had thrown acid in his face. The neighbors had helped immensely by hosing him down but there was still considerable damage done. We rushed to pick him up and Dr. Gibbs is doing everything possible, but both his eyes were affected and only time will tell whether he will see again; it does not look hopeful as the damage is pretty extensive. The acid splashed his face, ears and feet also. He is on meds and is heavily bandaged. Despite all this, his tail still wags.

It is so important to keep your pets confined humanely, for their own safety. There are evil uncaring people in this world who think nothing of harming an animal in the worst of ways. This sweet boy is part pit bull and may have unjustly been perceived as a threat because of that. Or perhaps someone just got tired of him coming in their yard or tipping over their garbage. Either way, throwing acid on him was a horribly cruel act. Scary to think people who could do something like this walk among us. Don’t know if there is any way to find out who did this, but we’ll try.

We don’t want to blast the owner. There are a lot of people who think tying a dog is the best way to keep them confined. We have a lot of educating to do to overcome that myth. He did call us for help, and we have seen far worse owners.

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UPDATE:   I’m sorry to tell you that we euthanized Cashew around 11 a.m. Doc asked me to come see when she went to change his bandages. The acid was still eating away at his flesh and he was much much worse than yesterday, his skin was just sloughing off. He was in pain and suffering. The police just left here. They took photos and our statements; hopefully the owner will join us in requesting police action, on his return tomorrow.


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  1. Carol-Ann Rudy says

    Why is it that we consider such terrible actions against animal–or human–as “inhumane” when it is ONLY humans that commit such crimes? For a crime it is, whether formally written in the legal code or not. As such, this crime deserves punishment befitting such torture.
    Sadly, it seems such behavior increases in times of economic strain. Let’s hope this is a trend that does not continue.

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