June 29, 2022

Shayna Seymour explores the Cayman Islands; learning the local language

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Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 8.48.48 AMFrom WCVB

Video transcript

This is “chronicle.” on WCVBchannel 5. Meeting the locals. For each kiss of the ray is seven years good luck. Mastering the language. We like to say grand kay-man. It has like a really chocolaty cover and texture.

It might seem like Shayna is chillkxing but this is work, people.

The diving is just thoughtless. Blue e iguanas. A colorful escape to the Cayman Islands, next on “chronicle.” The lush heedy beauty of the Caribbean can do wonders for the soul. Consider the warm silken waters of the sun-soaked Cayman Islands.

This boy needs to have some sun. It is cold in Boston.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 8.51.44 AMThe Caymans are made up of three islands. Little Cayman is beloved for the secluded tranquility. Cayman Brac boasts caves, lives and abundant wildlife. Grand kye Cayman is the hub of the trio. Just an hour from Miami, the Cayman Islands are a tropical eye color bursting with color. Turquoise water, white sand beaches. Blue iguanas and red ferraris. We will explain.

One of the most celebrated in the Caribbean Seven Mile Beach, actually five 1 1/2 miles long is public property. The waters here are famously clean. 100% of the drinking water is desalinated ocean water. Strict regulations protect the area’s corral reef. The diving is just thoughtless. And I think that is a really big pull for people.

William and his family are visiting from Weston. You miss a lot if you just stay above land. There is a lot under the water to see. What is missing from the scene here? Wild partying. The culture is quiet and a bit conservative. It is a great place for families. It is safe. Here you can go across the whole island at everybody is friendly. Of the 60,000 people on island, half of expats including Nancy Harrison who is from Ottawa.

I would say almost everyone knows almost one’s name. It is a tight knit community. The capital George Town welcomes cruise ships and shoppers. No sales tax here. And though there is a Caymanian currency, U.S. dollars are accepted.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 8.48.39 AMWelcome to Cayman Cabana. Luigi is a clothing designer and general manager of the restaurant in George Town. His must-dos, snorkeling, indulging in local seafood and teaching others how to sound Caymanian. We say “tree” instead of three. It is, yeah, man, not, yeah, mon. We like to say Grand kaman. We know you are not from here. You are from Grand kaman and going to visit Grand Caymans.

On the North Side is Rum Point. A favorite lazy day destination for locals.

In West Bay, roadside vendors sell perfectly varnished sculptural conch shells as souvenirs. The eastern shores, a place where even the gas station has a view. This is scenic poetry, this national gallery director. We are famous for the light and colors in Cayman. We have a low topography so that helps with the blazing light.

But be careful driving. The islands are a British territory. So everyone drives on the left side of the road.

One can’t miss landmark is the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. The only triple-a five diamond resort on the island. Feeling a bit like a rum punch. Let me try my coconut phone. The cabanas here are truly the lap of luxury. You will walk away experiencing some of the best genuine care and comfort you experienced at any resort property in the Caribbean. Set on 144 acres, this 365 room resort has the feel of a vast outdoor spa with arguably the best stretch of real estate on seven mile beach. We actually have almost 50,000 square feet of beachfront property. Lots of room for everybody to come and enjoy the sun. Or enter an in door cocoon at the silver rain spa. What is not to like about pre-dinner pampering and a Swedish massage? For a real su splurge, the elegant blue repair. For families, they show children’s movies outdoors starting at dusk. Swap a shovel for some sunscreen. Now this is paradise. I’m not liking her right now. Not a lot. I love Shayna. Just wish I could be there. Since we were there, the Ritz Carlton at Cayman Islands has had a $15 million upgrade. If you like what you saw only imagine what it looks like now. Mostly to the guest rooms and four out of the five restaurants.

And they are known for sea turtles. A scientist changed the water levels and introduced mosquito larvae eating fish and helped row deuce the mosquito population almost to nothing. That is huge. You would not like it.

If you are headed to the islands this winter take us along. “chronicle” is streaming live at 7:30. Find us at wcvb.com/chronicle. Next stop, stingray city. We are no threat to them so they interact with us like natural. Shayna

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