October 25, 2020

SEX FIEND CAUGHT: Police find suspect at Ocean Club


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Admiral’s Landing in Prospect

Police yesterday arrested rapist Jeffrey Barnes in an early-afternoon operation at Prospect’s Ocean Club.

The 32-year-old sexual predator was wanted in connection with the rape – and possible abduction – of a 49-year-old woman in Admiral’s Landing on Saturday and an attempted abduction of an 11-year-old girl earlier the same morning.

Yesterday, police said another alleged rape victim has contacted officers to say she too was sexually assaulted by Barnes.

It is understood Barnes was last seen on Saturday evening in the Prospect area near Mahogany Drive, one of the two addresses police said he frequented. The other is in Whitman Seymour Drive in George Town.

Barnes was also wanted for questioning in another sexual assault reported on Saturday evening by “a family member”, police said.

A spokeswoman for the RCIPS said: “We have made an arrest at a house in Ocean Club after a police operation there.”

During a press briefing earlier this week, Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said: “At 8:15 on the same night, 29 October we received a report from a family member that he had sexually assaulted a family member,” although the Detective Superintendent was careful to say that the report did not necessarily coincide with the assault, nor that the person making the report had been the victim.

“The report came some days later, after the incident,” he said. “We are trying to establish the sequence of events, but they all were reported on Saturday: Admiral’s Landing first, the unsuccessful attempt to lure the young girl second, and the family member last, although the incident was several days earlier.

“Jeffrey Barnes is an individual known to us and there is a warrant for his arrest issued last week in relation to a totally separate matter, an assault occasioning grievous bodily harm,” he said.

Barnes was recently released from Northward after completing his sentence for raping a 16-year-old in April 2010. Mr Bodden said Barnes had not been charged in connection with another, earlier incident in Mahogany Drive.

“Human beings are creatures of habit,” Mr Bodden said, offering details of the three Saturday reports.

On Saturday morning, he said, a “foreign female was standing on Shamrock Road waiting for public transport, trying to get to work. An individual drove up in a red Honda Civic and asked if she wanted a ride.

Jeffrey Barnes

“She said no, and the man came out of the vehicle holding something in his hand, covered with a cloth. He told her to get into the car. He even closed the door for her. He drove to the Admiral’s Landing area and sexually assaulted her.

“Later that morning,” he said, “we recovered the car. We now have it and are examining it for forensic opportunities.”

At 10:19, he said, just before the rape report, police heard of an 11-year-old girl who had been standing in Victory Avenue in Prospect, near to McRuss grocery store on Marina Drive, “waiting for someone to take her somewhere”. A red Honda Civic approached and the driver sought to lure her into the car, but she refused, Mr Bodden said.

He drove away and came back. She refused again. He drove away and came back again, “when a family member saw her speaking to the driver. He approached her and the driver drove away.” The family member, Mr Bodden said, gave police the vehicle’s registration number.



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