February 22, 2020

Service of Thanksgiving for the life of C. Charles Adams OBE, JP


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Charles AdamsElmslie Memorial United Church last Tuesday (6) was packed with family and friends of the late lawyer C. Charles Adams who died on Thursday 1st August, 2013 at the age of 92.

The congregation included members of the Legislative Assembly including Cayman’s premier, Alden McLaughlin, who also gave his own tribute, and Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Tara Rivers. It seemed every eye in the congregation was upon her as she paid her respects to the Adams family.

The church was also well represented by members of the judiciary and lawyers, his colleagues from Jacques Scott and uniformed members from the Cayman Islands Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Officiating Ministers were Rev Dr. Dave Hazel, Pastor of Elmslie United and Rev. Mary Graham, Priest-in-Charge of St George’s Anglican Church. The organist was Mr. Bradshaw Taylor.

Hymns sung at the service included “How Great Thou Art”, “The Lord’s My Shepherd”, “Ave Maria” (music) and “Abide With Me”.

Tributes were many and personal ones read included from Amanda Roberts, Capt. Dale Banks, Ladivene Dilbert, Neil Adams and Hon. Alden McLaughlin.

The following are ones we received for publication

Tribute From The Jacques Scott Group

I first became acquainted with the late Mr. C. Charles Adams shortly after he arrived in the Cayman Islands in the late 1960’s to establish what is now a leading financial institution in these Islands.  We were both tenants of the Watler Building, which was adjacent to Fort George and on what is now a part of the Royal Watler Cruise landing site.

In the years following, Mr. Adams, a merchant banker and lawyer, became involved in a few business ventures in Cayman, one of them being what is now the Jacques Scott Group of which he was Chairman from 1976 until his voluntary retirement as such in 2001.  He remained as a director and Chairman Emeritus up to the time of his death.

In 1977 I was invited to become a director of the Jacques Scott Group and have enjoyed a close working relationship with him ever since.  I have benefited   tremendously from his business expertise and strong leadership qualities.

Under the guidance of Mr. Adams the Jacques Scott Group has become a major commercial entity in the Cayman Islands with a staff complement that now numbers   approximately 90, the majority of whom are Caymanian.  This was of immense pride to him.  He enjoyed a strong bond with the staff of the Jacques Scott Group and they held him in high esteem and were loyal to him. He, in turn, was always anxious to look out for their welfare.

It is on their behalf, as well as on behalf of his co-directors and shareholders, that I wish to pay special tribute to Mr. Adams for the legacy that he has left us all in the form of an institution with which his name is synonymous and of which we can all be justly proud.

We extend our sincere sympathies to his beloved wife Sue, to his children, his stepchildren and all of his other surviving relatives. You have been proud of him in life and his memory will forever be a part of you.

May his soul rest in peace.

Arthur Hunter – Chairman

Cayman Finance statement on the passing of Charles Adams

6 August 2013 • (George Town, Grand Cayman) Cayman Finance today issued a brief statement, recognising the efforts of well-respected, local lawyer Mr. Charles Adams on the announcement of his recent passing.

“It is often easy to forget the generosity and rigor of key individuals who have given their time and resources towards the betterment of our community.  On behalf of Cayman Finance, I wish to acknowledge the contributions of Mr. Adams and his influence in the development of the financial services industry over the past few decades,” said Mr. Gonzallo Jalles, CEO of Cayman Finance.

Having arrived in the country in 1966 as manager of the first trust company on island, Scotia Trust Company, Mr. Adams subsequently founded his own law firm in 1976 and was later the Senior Partner of Cayman Finance member firm, Charles Adams, Ritchie & Duckworth.

“Mr. Adams was clearly distinguished as an unwavering professional who helped build one of the country’s largest economic sectors and whose accomplishments in the legal and banking industries, as well as the community in general, will not be forgotten.”

For a biography of Charles Adams please see iNews Cayman story “Charles Adams, one of Cayman’s stellar lawyers, dies” published on August 1st at: https://www.ieyenews.com/2013/08/charles-adams-one-of-caymans-stellar-lawyers-dies/

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