August 18, 2022

Senior’s Boxing Day Bash

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On Boxing Day (Dec 26) many of Grand Cayman’s senior citizens descended on the First Baptist Church Hall for a sumptuous meal, lots of gifts and entertainment both organised and spontaneous. All was courtesy of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman.

Various club members waited on the tables including Her Excellency Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick.

One of the entertainer’s joked if H.E. was getting in some practice for a new job when she left us next year!

The live music was played by Sea N’B with poetry reading and singing from Joan and Colin Wilson.

One of Joan’s poems was a humorous crack at the Rotary Club when many moons ago (before Hero’s Square) they decided not to light the live Christmas tree that had stood the test of time. It had a bent top so they replaced it with a real ugly open wired smaller artificial version. Joan was very displeased. Sadly, though, and soon after, the bent topped tree was removed completely to make way for our Heroes. To Joan that tree will always be a hero.

To show there was still life in the legs of the Seniors after the food they got up in dozens and showed they could still dance to the music.

It really was a lovely three hours and the very best value. It was FREE – compliments of Rotary.

Thank you Rotary. You did the community well and we are all proud of you.

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