February 22, 2020

Senior citizens Boxing Day


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Cayman: Rotary Club’s Senior Citizens Boxing Day Bash

Last Thursday (26) was Boxing Day, and a huge contingent of our Senior Citizens, from all over Grand Cayman, made it to the First Baptist Church Hall for the Rotary Club’s annual Christmas party.

This was the 54th year Rotary Club of Grand Cayman have put on this event that included a scrumptious dinner, pudding and light refreshments with all tables waited on by members of the Rotary. If that wasn’t enough there was entertainment provided by a host of local talent with C&B (Chuck & Barrie Quappie) Band being the main stay. There was a number staged dancing acts along with singers and poets. The latter included our very own Joan and Colin Wilson.

Colin & Joan Wilson performing “The Words I Love You”

After Joan had read her poem, “The Fall”, about her falling from a tree trying to get an avocado (the branch broke with her perched on it) when she was only 73 years young, she joined Colin in singing the rousing song “The Words I Love You”. That brought the biggest claps and cheers with shouts of “Encore”!

Sea’N B (Chuck & Barrie)

Colin declined saying “leave with the audience wanting more, not less”, so they quickly both sat down.

When it was time to leave there were large queues from the seniors who were given two bags of goodies to take home – gifts from the Rotarians.

There was no admission charge for this event and Rotary Club gave a big thank you to the many organizations here who supported it financially and with the goodies to go in the bags.

I must give a big THANK YOU to Rotary and to all the members who were there to wait upon our seniors and put on this fabulous event.

Joan Wilson reading “The Fall”

IMAGES: James Tibbetts

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  1. Chris Johnson says

    Thank you for this article Colin. The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman love getting involved in this event. As usual we were supported by many friends including acting Governor Franz Manderson and his wife.
    I believe this is the largest turnout ever which is inspiring.
    I for one enjoyed it as a Rotarian and meeting old friends made it a wonderful day for me personally.
    This annual event reflects the spirit within the Cayman community and thanks go to you and Joan for your support to this Rotary event.

    • It was a pleasure to be there, Chris. We both enjoyed it and it was the first time Joan had sung that song with me.

      Your group should be thanked and thanked for putting on this event for all those years. You deserved the applause we got.


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