September 30, 2023

Secretary Blennies and Christmas Trees on Grand Cayman

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Christmas Tree worms

by Frans De Backer

The Secretary Blenny is a small, tube-dwelling blenny that is identified by its brownish to green delicate patterns. Averaging at a size of around one inch in length, Secretary Blennies are difficult to spot when hidden in their burrowed homes. While the Secretary Blenny is most comfortable in the protection of its home, these fish are often seen poking their heads out of the hole. This species is most recognizable by its sharp skeleton-shaped jaw and eyes that can move independently from each other.

Secretary Blennies

I’ve filmed these Blennies in the shallow waters at Lighthouse Point, Grand Cayman. They are usually found between 5 and 25 ft.

Also filmed in Grand Cayman are Christmas Tree worms. They are very colorful marine worms. They use their plumes to catch plankton and other small particles passing in the water. I just love how they pop up and unfold. Such beauty!!

Frans De Backer is a professional lighting cameraman and underwater cameraman.
Full Trimix diver on the APD Inspiration CCR and PADI OWSI with specialties in underwater videography and digital underwater photography.

His fascinating work is available on the vimeo web site at



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