August 5, 2021

SEC shutting down six Chinese Companies in Cayman Islands

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made-in-chinaFrom Financial press


CHINA BUS GROUP CO. (f/k/a ALPINE ALPHA 3, LTD.), CHINA CAPITAL FINANCE CORP. INC., CHINA COMPLANT GROUP INC., CHINA OUMEI REAL ESTATE, INC., CHINA TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS GROUP LTD., and CHINACAST EDUCATION CORP., have been served an Initial Default Decision that revokes the registrations of the registered securities of Respondents China Bus Group Co. (f/k/a Alpine Alpha 3, Ltd.) (China Bus) and China Oumei Real Estate, Inc.

The revocations are based on the Defaulted Respondents’ failures to timely file required periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission).

It costs corporations from China to register in the Caymans and with the US SEC about $50,000 per year. These corporations are used by Chinese merchants for everything from money laundering to selling goods and services through the Dark Web.

While not all the other companies are domiciled in the Cayman Islands, it is a wonder why the SEC does not require subsidiaries of American Banks who are under fire from investors, regulators, and the International Bank Activities Reform Commission (IBARC) to file more transparent financial statements.

The SEC has known, should have known, or knew that a number of “too big to prosecute” banks dressed in “too big to fail clothing” have been engaged in money laundering for Mexican Drug Cartels, the Golden Triangle, and Tax Haven Countries.

The IRS has known for years, or should have known, or already knows and is doing nothing about paying off the national debt so that American Taxpayers don’t have to form Taxpayer Unions to audit the IRS and the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department.

Dodd Frank has failed. The markets have failed. The bankers and lawyers have all fallen down.

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